Welcome to Gallina Canyon

Our cabin resides deep within the heart of the Chama Wilderness (the only privately-owned property in the area). The cabin is located on the site of an early 400 acre 1900s homestead that was once the home of the Gallina Culture circa years 1100 to 1275.

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We are located near the confluence of Rio Chama and Rio Gallina, in the remote Chama Wilderness of Northern New Mexico. Hiking through the canyon will reward the visitor with spectacular views of Northern New Mexico Geology, wild flowers, and wildlife.

The canyon is home to wild elk, deer, raccons, coyotes, frogs, Bald Eagles, and hawks to name just a few. Care has been taken to keep their environments pristine and untrammeled.

Also living in the canyon are horses, dogs, cats, cows, and three humans. You may encounter a few cows roaming pacidly around the canyon during your stay.

Roses greet the visitor to our Magic Garden

From Our Garden

We share with our gests fresh produce from our Magic Garden when available. In years past the ranch grew produce professionally, but now we grow exclusively for ourselves and our guests.

Each cabin is supplied with bed linens, bath towels, pots and pan, fresh drinking water, and many of the comforts of home. See each individual cabin amenities listed under the "Lodging" link at the top menu of this page.

Hot peppers grown at the ranch

Local Geology

The bedrock of Gallina Canyon is shale, basalt, tuft, sandstone, granite, quartzite and other types of rocks, some of which formed about 110 million years ago.

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Northern cliff from Gallina Canyon floor