Welcome to Gallina Canyon Ranch

We are delighted to be your hosts at Gallina Canyon Wilderness Rentals.

Elizabeth, Andrew, and David are your hosts. One of us will check you in upon your arrival, and answer any questions you may have. We will show you how each cabin "works," and orient you to locations of interest in the canyon.

Your Hosts

Elizabeth is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Andrew is from Grand Rapids Michigan. In 1977 we bought the homestead complete with cows. We grew speciality organic produce for restaurants in Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque for fifteen years.

Elizabeth's popular book Elizabeth's Berry's Great Bean Book is available for sale at the Casitas and it can some times be found for sale on the Internet.

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Andrew and Elizabeth with dogs

David is from Southern California, where he used to work in Information Technology. David is the ranch's caretaker, and our "Internet Guru."

David has written a hysterically funny memoir titled Desert Soliloquy: A Perfectly Sane Misanthrope Hides in the Desert about his time in the East Mojave Desert, and the book includes some of the history of the Mojave.

David's Web Site & Book Links

You may also buy a copy of David's book during your stay.

Caretaker David at bvranding fire